Wow, time flies...

3 years and 1 day to say goodbye. Needless to say, I'm abandoning LJ and its longform blog-type posting for several reasons:

* I've severely curtailed my online time and relocated it to other endeavors, naming improving my l33t ski11z (holla 2003!) on the bass (which I'm happy to say has indeed improved by leaps and bounds. Now hire me, damn it), attempting to keep on a workout schedule and eating better (I'm now like Michael Weston in that 50% of my daily intake is in the form of low-fat yogurt), and managed to hyper-extend both my knees and ankles in the space of 10 days) and practicing being in pain (which also has improved by leaps and bounds, and that I'd like to turn into an Olympic Sport/Paying Occupation ;-)

* After leaving Kentucky for the haven that is Akron, it's obvious that my posts slowly declined and faded to nothingness in less than a year. In retrospect, I was at my best in terms of writing when my life was confused, painful, and honestly pretty damn unhappy. Being happy (certainly not in every way, but in far more in both ways and amount of time) has a certain method of dragging the muse from you, and I've simply had little to write about. I always wanted to write about "something", and posting "The Venture Brothers is MADE OF WIN" isn't exactly my idea of a strong literary idea in this format.

* However, that doesn't mean I'm abandoning the friendships that I've gained from LJ, that I hope are still out there, and that this post might wake up: I'm simply moving it to another forum. Yes, Sports Fans, you can now reach me @ To set a few ground rules and answer the thought-of questions, yes - I'm moving to where the Cool Kids now are. Deal with it - I believe that the shortpost nature of the format will allow me to keep up as well as inform all of what I'm up to without it feeling like a chore to me, shouting "You'll get nothing and like it!" at the screen and shutting down my laptop, which has pretty much been the past 3+ years. Yes, this means the end of multiple pages of the oddities of My Life and Stories From Within: As I stated above, the nature of my current life doesn't allow for a great deal of those that I feel are worthy of a public forum. And is a Social Experiment/work-in-progress - I'm still not sure how I'll feel about going back to even a semi-online life, and reserve the right to halt it at any time I see fit (I actually had those rights without mentioning them to you, but Cher and Cher alike...). And to any-and-all that have seen fit to e-mail me in the past 3 years, my sincere apologies: I think I had a stroke in the area of the brain that controls timely responses. I'm wading through my cramped in-boxes, and will get back to you asap. Or you could simply e-mail me again with the heading "douchebag" as the subject...

So come see me on the Other Side. The posts will be shorter, but I believe you'll get a better sense of who I currently am as opposed to the Nothingness that has been this for the past 1097 days.

It's been,

Edit: Fine, I'll answer comments in this post but this post only! Jeebus, people - I've got painkillers to take, "House" to watch, and thus a vicious circle begins... ;-)
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Analog my ass

F*ck James Blunt up his lilly-white a**

Blunt goes back on his word, screws the nicest guy in music.

That's it. You can hijack our airplanes and crash them into skyscrapers. You can start a "War on Terror" using false info. You can send a generation of mainly lower-class kids off to a war/peacekeeping effort they're not trained to do. You can have Big Business controlling our Government, you can poison the environment, you can deny an entire generation healthcare, and you can create disposable pop music such as James Blunt has.

...but you do not mess with Weird Al, dammit!

Download You're Pitiful, tell James Blunt to grow a backbone and the record industry to get tossed.
Analog my ass

As I inch closer to The Now... order for two of these was placed today: a 60GB 5th Generation in Black for myself as well a 60GB refurbished 4th Generation iPod photo for troisbalances, as she cares not a wit about video playback. I care not much more, but it will be nice to be able to catch the inevitable episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" that I'll end up missing in season three…

At the very least, I now won't be stuck listening to the Adult Contemporary music piped in at Physical Therapy center I'm attending. More than the aerobic workouts, more than the maddening balancing exercises, weightwork or the inevitable horrifically painful stretching at the end of the sessions, the music was pain personified. I can stand a pulled hamstring - that simply needs alternating ice, heat, and Vicodin. There's no such easy cure for Jack Johnson.

Any recommendations as to headphones, as I've heard about the bundled set. I'd like to keep to under the price of the iPod actual, however. I've heard good things about the Shure E2c's, but the Etymotic Research's ER-6i are the proverbial Shit when it comes to fairly inexpensive sound quality and comfort. However, and pardon the pun, I'm all ears...

Anyone that can guess my engraving gets my everlasting love - here's a hint; it's been used in this journal multiple times as both a subject as well as post material, and very much fits the subject matter. What, you wanted money if you get it right?!? How do you think I paid for that above?
Analog my ass

New Musical Terms

From the "Stickwire" (Chapman Stick) mailinglist, originally by Tom Hurd on

In order to keep you abreast of the ever-developing world of musical terminology, we provide herewith the latest additions to the esteemed Harvard Dictionary of Music:
  • Allregretto: When you're 16 measures into the piece and realize you took too fast a tempo.

  • Angus Dei: To play with a divinely beefy tone.

  • A Patella: Accompanied by knee-slapping.

  • Appologgiatura: A composition that you regret playing.

  • Approximatura: A series of notes not intended by the composer, yet played with an "I meant to do that" attitude.

  • Approximento: A musical entrance that is somewhere in the vicinity of the correct pitch.

  • Cacophany: A composition incorporating many people with chest colds.

  • Coral Symphony: A large, multi-movement work from Beethoven's Caribbean Period.

  • Dill Piccolini: An exceedingly small wind instrument that plays only sour notes.

  • Fermantra: A note held over and over and over and over and...

  • Fermoota: A note of dubious value held for indefinite length.

  • Fiddler Crabs: Grumpy string players.

  • Flute Flies: Those tiny mosquitos that bother musicians on outdoor gigs.

  • Frugalhorn: A sensible and inexpensive brass instrument.

  • Gaul Blatter: A French horn player.

  • Gregorian Champ: The title bestowed upon the monk who can hold a note the longest.

  • Ground hog: Someone who takes control of the repeated bass line and won't let anyone else play it.

  • Placebo Domingo: A faux tenor.

  • Schmalzando: A sudden burst of music from the Guy Lombardo band.

  • The Right Of Strings: Manifesto of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Violists.

  • Spritzicato: An indication to string instruments to produce a bright and bubbly sound.

  • Tempo Tantrum: What an elementary school orchestra is having when it's not following the conductor.

  • Trouble Clef: Any clef one can't read: e.g., alto clef for pianists.

  • Vesuvioso: An indication to build up to a fiery conclusion.

  • Vibratto: Child prodigy son of the concertmaster.
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Analog my ass

An Alphabetical Musical Meme

Borrowed from chesterisapimp:

See how many album titles you can fill in from A-Z out of your collection! And no cheating by looking at your iTunes/iPod/WinAmp/physical collection... this is a noggin-buster
  1. "Achtung Baby", U2
  2. "Boil That Dust Speck", Mike Keneally
  3. "Cherry Lips CD-Single", Garbage
  4. "The Downward Spiral", Nine Inch Nails
  5. "Emergent", Gordian Knot
  6. "Falling Into Infinity", Dream Theater
  7. "Gentleman", Afghan Whigs
  8. "Hysteria", Def Leppard
  9. "I'm Afraid Of Americans CD-Single", David Bowie featuring Trent Reznor
  10. "Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None", Circle Of Dust
  11. "Kings Of Sleep", Stuart Hamm
  12. "The Least Worst Of", Type O Negative
  13. "Mer De Noms", A Perfect Circle
  14. "Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret", Soft Cell
  15. "Operation: Mindcrime", Queensryche
  16. "Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs", Ministry
  17. "Queen Of The Damned Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", kidneythieves
  18. "Rhinoplasty", Primus
  19. "The Shaming Of The True", Kevin Gilbert
  20. "Title Of Record", Filter
  21. "Under The Pink", Tori Amos
  22. "View", Bryan Beller
  23. "Wanderin' Star", Kira Small
  24. "X", Def Leppard
  25. "Yes, Virginia...", The Dresden Dolls
  26. "Zoolander Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", Powerman 5000
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    Screaming helps on occasion

    Ouch. Just ouch

    I started Physical Therapy today for the first time since my last surgery in the spring of '00 - the real "work your ass off and then have tendons stretched you never realized you had" type, not my half-assed home version of the game show.

    I can't believe I have the energy/motivation to type the above. The idea that this is going to be twice weekly plus extra at home is somewhat damn straight frightening, but it's all for a good cause. I've had more than enough days of feeling burning acid in my muscles and then suddenly realizing, "Hey, I'm suddenly much closer to the floor than usual and it could stand to be vacuumed."

    I deserve an iPod for this. I mean, everyone who works out has an iPod, right? It's Federal Law.
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    Analog my ass

    Clearing Up A Few Things

    • Regarding my new "Your music doesn't suck, it just sucks *for me*..." journal title. You know the music you love with all your heart, the music that lifts you up when you're at your lowest point, and that you can't imagine not existing?

      ...yeah, a good deal of people think that it sucks ass. And the same can be said about theirs, and pretty much every piece of material ever created. There's a reason why art is a subjective form, and if your skin isn't thick enough to deal with a dig now and again I suggest not discussing music in public.

      This is brought on by no one in particular - I simply heard it mentioned by a friend-of-a-friend on the commentary track of his band's latest DVD release (regarding both The Dead and They Might Be Giants, if you're wondering, also which I happen to agree with) and thought it worthy of expanding on.

    • Go out and buy The Mike Keneally Band's latest release, Guitar Therapy Live. You won't find a more challenging yet pop-infused release this side of The Dresden Dolls, and the full-length DVD included in the "Special Edition" CD/DVD set is mind-numbing. Forget what I said above - this is the greatest music ever made and everyone should own it. ;-)
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